About Malayaleeaano.com

Malayaleeaano? If you are a Malayalee and you have been living out of Kerala for a long time, then you would have heard this question very often. The moment this question is answered in the affirmative, some obvious questions like, “naattil evidaya veedu” (Where is your house in Kerala?), “veettil aarokke unde”(Who all are there in your family?), follow and eventually a whole host of pleasantries are exchanged. Within no time strangers become friends. This simple question evokes such a great nostalgia and positive vibes between two Malayalees when they get introduced to each other, outside Kerala.

Just after finishing our S.S.L.C. or Pre-Degree (with an additional qualification of Typing & Shorthand), when many of us boarded the train to Delhi about half a century ago, the only dream in our mind was to be the bread winner of our family and send some money back home to support our dependents living there. We had no other dreams in our minds except to earn a living and fulfill the financial needs of our families – the medical care of our ageing parents, education of our siblings and marriage of our sisters. Due to the lack of employment opportunities in Kerala, the number of migrants from Kerala kept increasing day by day, month by month and year by year. We never dreamed of buying a house for ourselves here as we kept promising ourselves that - one fine day! I will return to my native land and settle in my hometown. P. Bhaskaran, the famous Malayalam poet said 'Nalikerathinte nattilenikkoru nazhiyidangazhi mannundu' (In the land of coconuts, I have a small piece of land). We kept waiting for our parents to get well, we waited for our sisters to get married, we waited for our younger brothers to complete their education; the wait never ended.

Now that we have come to terms with our past and have decided to settle here, let us focus on our future. Let us dream a little differently now. Let us think of building a concrete and stable foundation for ourselves. Let us think of buying a house for ourselves where we can sleep without the fear of landlords haunting our minds for petty things. Let us think of the education of our children; let us think of marrying them off and see them settled peacefully in their life. Let us think of securing our old age without depending on others. This should be the new dream of the present generation of Malayalee. The prolonged wait is over! It is time to re-tune ourselves and adapt to the changes around us.

If you are a Non-Resident Malayalee living in Delhi or the National Capital Region (NCR) and you are passionate about Kerala, then this is the place you have been longing for. We have created a platform to unite you with fellow Malayalees who have migrated from our native place and settled in this part of India in their quest for financial stability.

In a steadily evolving world, it is very important for us to keep ourselves updated about every possible thing happening in our surrounding. Malayaleeaano.com will help you to improve your lifestyle; modernize, yet remain embedded within our rich cultural traditions and heritage. This gateway will provide you with an opportunity to remain connected with the Malayalee world around you and make you aware of the various events organized within the orbit of the Malayalee community in Delhi and NCR. It will also provide you with the space to promote your business and services and reach out to more than 1.5 million potential customers in this region.

Malayaleeaano.com is your destination:

  • To find suitable vendors and service provides for all your daily needs.

  • To make announcements and share your moments of happiness and fun; with the Malayalee community of Delhi and NCR.

  • To find potential employers and to seek suitable workforce.

  • To publicize upcoming events and programmes organized Malayalee associations, Ethnic groups, Religious institutions, Sports & Cultural clubs.

  • To announce Weddings, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays and other important occasions of your life.

  • To seek medical help or solicit blood donations.

  • To announce obituary news about your dear ones, post details about prayer Meetings, Death Anniversaries, Remembrance & Homages.

  • To report Man-missing cases.

  • To find best marital alliances for yourself and for your dear ones.

Malayaleeaano.com is a first ever comprehensive web portal dedicated exclusively to the Malayalee community of Delhi and NCR with an intention to cater to the concept of "Uppu Thottu Karpooram Vare". To make this wonderful vision come true, we seek your whole hearted participation and support.

We are in the process of collecting more and more useful informations for you and keep updating this web portal, which can help you in your day to day life and provide any kind of assistance as you would expect from a true Malayalee friend. While designing this web portal, we have tried our best to make this as informative and interactive as possible. We welcome your suggestions and feed-backs so that we can improve the contents to match your expectations.